Mason Longnecker


Real Estate Expert


I choose to work through John L. Scott because of my commitment to providing the best overall experience for my clients. As a John L. Scott REALTOR®, I have access to more tools and resources than agents with any other brokerage in the nation! That means I have more at my disposal to provide you with the most efficient, stress-free and lucrative experience possible.


When given the opportunity to represent you for your real estate needs, you become my Top Priority. My biggest focus becomes delivering the best results possible for you. I have also teamed up with the TOP Lenders, Home Inspectors, and other professionals to ensure you receive the best representation in every aspect of your Real Estate Experience.


The real estate market is hyperlocal, seasonal and temperamental—in other words, it can and does change on a dime. Technology has made information more accessible to everyone, but it can be difficult to keep up with recent events that affect home values. The benefits of working with me, as your licensed real estate professional, go far beyond what my competitor's mobile apps, online videos, or websites can do. Fortunately for you, I have and utilize every tool available to meet your needs with the Best Home Search Website available, superior Mobile App, Property Tracker for immediate updates, and much more!

I provide my clients with the most relevant and pertinent information on market seasonality specific to their neighborhood and areas of interest. This customized analysis includes recent comparable sales we will use to formulate a strategy that works best for you.


With your best interests in mind, I take pride in handling expert negotiations with other agents and their clients to get you the best deal possible. Maintaining peak professionalism throughout these discussions is something I take great pride in and ensures the other parties treat us with utmost respect and consideration.

Transactional Excellence

I am dedicated to transactional excellence for every listing and sale. What this means for you is that I oversee every detail of the real estate transaction along with our full-time, professional Transaction Coordinator. The transaction is far from over once an offer has been accepted. I monitor inspections, appraisals, title, escrow and loan processes. Communication and collaboration with all the partners and parties involved with the transaction ensures a smooth and timely closing. I am committed to my clients before, during and after a sale.